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Trey Mogensen Joins BankFirst Team


BankFirst is excited to announce the addition of Trey Mogensen to the Wayne team. Mogensen is “ready to take the next step in the community” and brings experience in lending. Mogensen takes pride in being a “resource for knowledge” and loves being able to “support Wayne and its business community”. Clark Froehlich, President, said “as BankFirst continues to grow across both Nebraska and Iowa, it’s imperative that we foster talent, which is what we have in Trey.”

Mogensen, a Cedar Rapids native, says “my wife Erica grew up around the Wayne area, so we’re very much looking forward to coming home.”

Jeanne Jones, Vice President of BankFirst heads up our Columbus branch. Raised in a small town in Missouri called Monroe City, she found herself in Nebraska after her husband’s job brought the young couple here. Originally Jeanne was a math teacher in Missouri, but after arriving in Nebraska she found there were no openings. With her background in numbers, banking was a good fit for her. She has been in the industry since December of 1979.

In her career, she’s seen a lot of changes to the business. “Everything was on paper instead of computers” and “everyone had paper account books instead of plastic debit cards”. One of the most interesting changes for Jeanne is “watching everything go electronic”. When she first started out, everything was either mailed or hand delivered for filing, now it’s all done via computer.

Jeanne sees the future of banking as “more electronic with more internet” and sees the era of “face to face contact with customers” slowly phasing out. But as some things change, some things stay the same. “The customer service aspect will always be there, but the future of this business is exciting”.

Kelly Jonak, Branch Manager of our Ord branch has been banking over eight years and views it as almost her “family business”. Kelly’s mom has been in banking for over thirty years and that’s what inspired her to get into the industry. Kelly said she’s “always looked up to her mom and wanted to follow in her footsteps” and that’s what brought her to BankFirst.

In her 8+ years in banking, she’s already seen a lot of changes in the industry. From handwriting receipts and typing up documents on a typewriter to having everything at her fingertips with her computer. And she expects the industry to continue to move forward on the technological front as more and more banking needs can be met online. She says it’s an “exciting time for the industry”.

Originally from a family farm in Scotia, she now lives with her husband and two kids in North Loup. She “loves her small town where everyone knows everyone and it’s just a great place to raise a family”. She says she’s “blessed to be able to live in a wonderful community and she’s very proud to be a part of the BankFirst family”.