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Nadine Hagedorn, Senior Vice President of BankFirst leads the charge at our West Point branch. Originally from Cuming County, she’s right at home. Nadine has been lending since 1975, she’s seen a lot of changes as the industry continues to progress into the future. Her love of numbers is what originally piqued her interest in the field and finding solutions to credit needs for ag operations is what made her truly adore the industry.

Starting her career in the field at 21 years old, she was a bit of an anomaly. A very young woman making strides in what at the time was a male dominated field. She’s seen an industry that was traditionally open from 9-12 and 1-3 to becoming virtually 24/7. She appreciates the forward thinking of BankFirst because when she began in the industry, everything was on a “yellow pad” and manually sorting checks and now it’s primarily digital, which really makes her “excited to see the future unfold”.

She cherishes the relationships she’s built in Nebraska, South Dakota and Iowa. She’s most proud to be a part of the BankFirst team that allows her to provide products and services that meets the demands of the businesses and consumers that she services. It takes everyone working together to accomplish that goal.

In a historical moment for BankFirst, Susan Lutz, Chief Financial Officer became the second woman in the history of BankFirst to be elected to the board of directors. Lutz says she’s “excited to contribute to BankFirst and to be a part of the future of the institution. This is a fun opportunity and I’m looking forward to furthering the mission and values of BankFirst”.

Lutz, originally from the world of accounting, began her career at BankFirst just seven years ago, quickly becoming the Chief Financial Officer. President Clark Froehlich said “as CFO, she has been integral to the unprecedented growth our bank has seen in the last five years. We’ve expanded into Sioux City and western Nebraska, and Susie has been a key part of those decisions.”

Lutz is “honored to be a part of such a phenomenal board with an eye on the future”.

BankFirst proudly announces the promotion of Jordan Suehl, 33, to Chief Operating Officer, the youngest to serve in the role in the over 50 year history of BankFirst. Suehl, who has been in the banking industry for over ten years is “very excited about the challenges and opportunity the position holds, and is anxiously waiting to get to work.” Clark Froehlich, President of BankFirst, says “she was the perfect fit, and with youth comes great new ideas, and we are very much looking forward to the direction we are going to go with Jordan”.

Suehl, an Osmond native, now living in Pierce with husband and three children, says “it’s great to be able to raise a family where I grew up, and I’m blessed the position will allow me to continue to do that.” Suehl sees her new role as integral to insuring the day to day operations of BankFirst continue to perform at their optimum level.