Chip Enhanced BankFirst Visa® Debit Card

Maybe you've already noticed when you are checking out at your local retailer - the card terminals have changed. If you haven't already received a new debit card embedded with a computer chip, you probably will soon. Clip card technology has arrived and it is slowly, but surely, changing the way we make purchases in stores.

What you need to know:

  • If you have received and not yet activated your new Chip Enhanced BankFirst Visa® Debit Card you will need to do so.
  • If you cannot locate your new Chip Enhanced BankFirst Visa® Debit Card please contact us immediately as it will take 7-10 business days for you to receive your new chip card.
  • On August 1, 2017 your mag-stripe BankFirst Visa® Debit Card will be deactivated.

Using Your Chip Enhanced BankFirst Visa® Debit Card Is Simple:

  • Insert the chip end of your debit card into the terminal with the chip facing up.
  • Leave your debit card in the terminal and follow the prompts on the screen.
  • Remove your debit card when the transaction is complete.


What is a chip card and why am I getting one?

Chip cards are payment cards that have an embedded chip. Chip cards offer you advanced security when you use the chip to pay in store or at an ATM.

Why are chip cards more secure?

Chip cards offer you advanced security in-store and at the ATM by making every transaction unique. And, your chip card is more difficult to counterfeit or copy. If the card data and the one time code are stolen, the information cannot be used to create counterfeit cards and commit fraud.

How do I know if I have a chip card?

If you have a chip card, the chip is located on the front of the card. You will still have a magnetic stripe on the back so that you can use it at merchants who don't accept chip cards yet.

Can I still pay in store or use an ATM if I don't have a chip card?

Yes, merchants and ATM's will continue to accept magnetic stripe cards.

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