Fixed Rate Mortgages

Fixed Rate Mortgages offer a fixed interest rate for the life of the loan. This protects you against rising interest payments. Enjoy predictable and manageable payments.

F.H.A. (Federal Housing Administration Loans)

A government-backed program ideal for many first-time and low-to-moderate income homebuyers who can’t afford a big down payment. Loans are insured by the federal government to promote home ownership. FHA offers flexibility, convenience and affordability.

V.A. (Veterans Administration Home Loan)

VA loans are for veterans of the armed forces, active-duty personnel, reservists and their spouses. VA loans are insured by the federal government and offer some of the easiest qualifying requirements of any home loan. VA offers flexible qualifying guidelines, 100% financing for qualified borrowers and payment stability with a fixed interest rate.

N.I.F.A. (Nebraska Investment Finance Authority)

This is a first-time homebuyers program that is available in Nebraska. This program offers buyers below market rates. N.I.F.A. loans can be underwritten as conventional, R.D., F.H.A. or V.A. loans. Exceptions such as income guidelines and purchase price limits apply.

R.D. (Rural Development Loans)

Guaranteed by the USDA this loan can help you get into a home with no down payment and you can even borrow the closing costs. R.D. loans are subject to income guidelines and population restrictions.

Construction Financing Loans

BankFirst offers construction loans that will get you from blueprint to reality. Concentrate on building your dream home and let BankFirst guide you through the construction financing and into permanent financing.

Bridge Loans

If you are waiting to close on your new home because your current home has not sold yet, you may need a bridge loan. BankFirst offers you competitive rates.

Balloon Loans

Fixed rate payments for a set term of the loan. The balance remaining at the end of the specified term (the balloon) is then due. Renegotiate your current mortgage at the end of the balloon.

Refinancing Loans

Are you finding it necessary to reduce a monthly mortgage payment? Consider refinancing your loan into a payment schedule more suitable to fit your individual needs.

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